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How we can help you

I feel a great weight has been lifted through this service being available to me. I feel back to "myself" and I didn't think I'd get there, certainly not on my own.

CCC Client

Before accessing any of our services you will need to attend one of our weekly registration sessions to complete some paperwork and learn more about the services we offer.

*Please note that services are open to adult women only.*

**We do not have insurance to cover children so childcare arrangements must be made prior to accessing services.**

Are you male and looking for support?

Please click here for further information about other services you can access

in the other and online



We offer a one-to-one counselling service to give you the opportunity to discuss any personal issues in a safe & confidential environment. All our counsellors are members of a professional body are professionally trained and fully DBS checked.

Journey Through Grief

This program is for women experiencing bereavement through the loss of a significant adult (parent, partner, adult child). Sessions offer emotional support helping women find their path through grief and reconnect with themselves. 

Transform Your Life

A range of groups and courses 

to support, empower and inspire you

to create the life you want 

and become the person 

you were born to be

Supported Women

Ongoing emotional support for women struggling with the daily effects and impact of mild to moderate mental health problems such as stress, anxiety, low mood, coping.

Brave Women

8 week course to help you embrace your life by learning to understand and manage anxiety with positive strategies and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques.

Creative Women

Weekly arts and crafts group for improved well-being. Participating in arts and crafts  can improve brain function, alleviate depression and improve self-esteem.

Uplifted Women

8 week programme to help women cope with the symptoms of depression with long-term positive coping strategies.

Empowered Women

Ongoing emotional support group for women affected by domestic abuse, current or historic.

Confident Women

10 week course to help you build your confidence and self-esteem and learn the skills you need to become more assertive

Click on the link below to access our information flyer

CCC Flyer.pdf

As a Charity, we rely entirely on external funding and donations to offer you these services. 

So we ask for a minimum donation of £1 per session for every service, to help us to continue running. 

Thank you for your understanding