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Relaxation Downloads

Buy our range of tailor-made relaxations from our own in-house Counsellor, Sue. Let her soothing voice guide you into complete relaxation. Regular practice can have a wealth of benefits including reduced anxiety and stress, coping with life better, improved well-being. 

PLUS when buying any of our downloads you are helping women in need as all proceeds go to supporting the Chrysalis Centre for Change. 

When you order and pay for a download, we receive an email notification. 

We then send you the audio file and we aim to do this within 24 hours. 

Please contact us if there are any problems.

Calming Colouring Pages

Gorgeous creative colouring pages available for download. High quality 300 dpi images.

Each one hand-drawn by Chrysalis Volunteer, Jane. Copyright removed on purchase.

 Item will be emailed usually within 24 hours of purchase.