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Counselling Placements at CCC

We offer a rewarding and holistic counselling placement experience for students who are training to become counsellors. In return we do expect a certain level of commitment, If you want to apply for a placement at the Chrysalis Centre, please read the following information:

We ask that you carefully consider the following mandatory requirements prior to applying:

  • Students on placement are part of our team and as such we expect attendance at team meetings, which are every 2 months 9.30 am on a Wednesday morning; as we have various services we need every member of the team to know what is going on at Chrysalis. Dates are given up to a year in advance.
  • Group supervision is every 2 months which you will need to attend, again dates are given well in advance.
  • Domestic Abuse training is mandatory which consists of MERIT/MARAC training and Freedom Programme at no cost to the student. We also have in house training some of which may be mandatory such as safeguarding, dates are released in advance
  • You are required to be student members of the BACP or other professional body, have a current DBS, adequate insurance, a Supervisor, and of course, your Fit to Practice letter. 
  • We cover parking and travel up to 15 miles

If you can meet these requirements, we can offer a rewarding and holistic placement experience. We do have a lot of applications, however if you believe you meet these requirements and would like to apply, please contact us at [email protected]