Are you struggling to cope with your mental health? If you identify as female and are feeling depressed, anxious or stressed for any reason we can help

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Are you in an abusive relationship, or trying to cope in the aftermath of one? Maybe you aren't sure if your relationship is healthy 

or abusive?

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If you identify as male,, 

although we can't help you directly, you can get support with mental health and domestic abuse issues from many other organisations

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If you are in a mental health crisis please use the link below:

Help in a Crisis

Our offices are currently closed but staff are working from home, and services are available. Please use our referral form or contact us by text or email

TEXT:  07786 207743

One of our lovely volunteers, Catherine, and her very talented son, 

Nathan and partner, Craig, created this video for us. 

Credits: Nathan on drums playing to the Foo Fighters song, Best of You. All rights reserved.

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We exist to support, empower and inspire women to reach their full potential.


We are dedicated to achieving the highest standards to improve the lives of women through self-empowerment and self-belief. Our services offer benefits far beyond the individual women, enriching the lives of their families, our local community and ensuring the well being of future generations